Image removed. Vire, a hub for high-tech electronics? That’s the reality and it works. Seprolec, specialist in the design and assembly of miniaturised electronic circuits, employs 120 people, and just keeps on growing. The latest extension is currently mushrooming.

GPS, automatic payment systems for toll-booths, in fact anything that has an electronic board could conceivably carry a little bit of Normandy, thanks to Seprolec.

A true hidden talent, this business from Vire is not well known to the public and yet it one of the leaders in its field and its CEO, Patrick Soghomonian, flies the colours of Normandy. Originally from the Manche region, he is very attached to his local anchor and to its symbols. He wants his clients to see a symbol of quality and confidence. In these circumstances, it’s out of the question that he sets up factories outside Normandy!