The spirit behind the Mission Attractivité Normandie

President's message

Hervé Morin

The reunification of Normandy since January this year offers us the unique opportunity to write a new page in the history of our region. This new page must have a strong editorial line, one of renewal and the rebirth of the Norman identity and our values.

Together, we must once again be proud to be Norman, and benefit from the fact that Normandy is well-known in order to boost our economy, tourism,  agri-food, industry, and cultural sectors in our region.  

We have a name, together we will make a brand, and a brand known throughout the world, a brand symbolising beauty, creativity and innovation in the service of our attractiveness and development.

I’m counting on your participation!

Hervé Morin, President of Région Normandie


The spirit behind the mission

Varied landscapes between sea and countryside, exceptional heritage, quality of life, culture, gastronomy and more. We could say that Normandy is naturally attractive. But Normandy is more than just a postcard. At a time where lots of regions are counting on their qualities to attract people, investors, tourists, we need to provide our region with a boost so that we can stay ahead of the game.

On top of these “natural” advantages, Normandy is chock-full of talents, innovative businesses, sector leaders, talent hubs and more. Stakeholders to be celebrated and partnered to spread the buzz about Normandy.

But before anything else, Normandy is above all its citizens. Each of us should be proud of our region, find the right reasons to stay, to raise children, to find work. It’s hard to promote a region we don’t believe in.  Whether you’ve lived in Normandy for a long time, or are just passing through, we can all be the first ambassadors of Normandy.

From this starting-point, Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region, decided to drive the momentum behind developing the attractiveness of our region. This is the objective of the Mission Attractivité Normandie, within the Regional Council, which will engage in the dialogue with the Normans and lay the foundation stones of the future Normandy Attractivity Agency.

The teamPhilippe Augier & Marie-Agnès Poussier

A project team known as the Mission Attractivité Normandie has been created within the Normandy Regional Council. Led by Philippe AUGIER, it is there to assist the work of the Strategic Committee, which is chaired by Philippe AUGIER, with Marie-Agnès POUSSIER-WINSBACK.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate contacting us :

How it operates

In order to prepare for the launch of a dedicated structure charged with the attractiveness of Normandy, the Regional Council has launched a three stage process, aimed at all Normans.

  1. With all Normans (a Normandy-wide survey) and with the local stakeholders (Normandie labs), a regional diagnostic will be undertaken in order to understand what Normandy stands for, its values, its strengths and its weaknesses.
  2. The Strategic Committee will pilot an Attractiveness Strategy for Normandy.
  3. Based on the replies for the general public, a shared brand will be proposed to put forward excellence in Normandy across the board and to federate Normans living both within Normandy and elsewhere around the globe.


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